Asian Cultural Mentoring Program – Bamboo Sprouts


We are excited to announce the 2016-2017 Bamboo Sprouts Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Bamboo Sprouts is a monthly cultural mentoring program for transracial Asian adoptees in which medical students host hands-on activities with young adoptees through two-hour sessions held at the medical school. Each session focuses on a theme that incorporates elements of Asian culture, such as language and arts, cuisine, sports, festivals, and arts.

By doing so, we hope to help adoptees gain an appreciation of their unique background, as well as connect them with other adoptees and positive Asian role models. Our participants are typically from 3rd to 6th grade and often from Korea, China, or the Philippines. Concurrent with the children’s activities, we also hope to create a forum for adoptive parents to discuss adoption-related issues, through inviting adult adoptee speakers and showing relevant movies.The registration fee for the 7 sessions is $40 total to accommodate the materials used. However, if this fee is prohibitive, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

This quote above is from Jenny who is an Asian Medical Student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  My son participated in this program last year.  Although it says students are usually Chinese, Korean or Filipino, one of the organizers was Vietnamese last year so every program then had also included information about Vietnamese Culture.  I suppose it changes from year to year and if your child is not one of the mentioned cultures, you could email and find out.

I was amazed that busy medical students took the time out pass on cultural information and mentoring to Asian trans-racial adoptees.  It has been going on for many years, but I don’t know how long or how it got started.  None of the mentors last year were adopted, but they have always mentored trans-racial adoptees.

The Asian mentors clearly liked talking about their cultures to the children and I think some of them actually learned more about their cultures in preparing for teaching our children.   We got to learn more than just our child’s culture, we learned about the cultures of other Asian students.  So it is a multicultural program for the students and the parents.

Because our children were third through sixth grade, parents stepped back and did not play a role.  This is what our children need.  They interacted with each other and the Asian mentors.   It is a monthly program, but it skips a couple of months.  Some of the programs last year included holidays, food, and games.

The program takes place in a medical building on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in downtown Baltimore.  While most of the attendees were from Baltimore, Baltimore County or Howard County, there were a couple from Montgomery County.

Now is the time to sign up, by September 4, 2016.

Registration for Bamboo Sprouts

2016-2017 Bamboo Sprouts – Program Information

2016-2017 Bamboo Sprouts – Registration Form

2016-2017 Bamboo Sprouts – Parental Consent Form


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